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Natural light, fresh air and a sense of space are all features that will make your environment more comfortable to live and socialise in. Louvre windows are designed to enhance these important attributes.

Fully open, louvre blades are close to horizontal. They provide very little resistance to the air entering through the openings resulting in almost twice as much ventilation as most other types of operable windows.

Louvre windows are available in 102mm and 152mm blade sizes and can be added to a vast range of commercial window framing including sliding and stacking doors, bi-folds, fixed panels and double hung.

Motorised louvre panels are ideal for high level clerestory windows.

Louvre galleries are inlaid into the same perimeter framing as the rest of the windows in your project, therefore simplifying fixing details and maintaining a uniformed look and feel.

Contrary to popular belief louvre windows have extremely high water penetration and air infiltration ratings resulting in a high quality product perfect for all types of applications including air-conditioned buildings.

All deflection testing to comply with Australian Standards has been carried out to the strictest commercial criteria based on L/250.


  • Commercial grade perimeter framing
  • Manual, manual remote or electric operation
  • Locking and non-locking functions
  • AS2047-1999 compliant
  • WERS rated


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