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Care & Maintenance

Powdercoat Framing

Dirt, grime and airborne salt deposits from the atmosphere are often capable of causing damage to the powdercoat surface and must be regularly removed.

To ensure that the products deliver their maximum performance for the entire duration of their design life and to comply with warranty conditions, it is essential that maintenance is carried out as per the following instructions.

Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning should be done with a dilute solution of mild liquid detergent in warm water. Avoid excessively hot solutions.

Use a soft bristled brush to clean the surface. Do not use abrasive tools on the powdercoat finish.

After cleaning, rinse the aluminium thoroughly with fresh water.

Do not use strong solvents. Where it is necessary to remove materials such as adhesives, the only solvents recommended are methylated spirits, white spirits or Isopropanol. Ensure that the solvent contact period is minimal and that the solvent is thoroughly rinsed from the surface. Before using any solvents, test on a small hidden area to ensure no colour change or damage to the finish will occur.

When more aggressive cleaning is required, a very mild abrasive such as high quality automotive cream polish may be necessary. The use of strongly abrasive compounds such as cutting compounds is not recommended.

The use of bore water is not recommended due to its mineral content as it can cause staining and can instigate long term coating failure.

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